Independent Study for Vacations

Parent Independent Study Reminders:

  • Your child needs to miss at least 5 school days to make the contract valid.
  • If your child isn’t able to return to school on the said contract return date please call me at 562-799-4740 ext. 76106
  • We will assist in putting together your Math, Language Arts, History and Science work. Your student is responsible for all other classes and speaking with those teachers.

Student Independent Study Reminders:

  • During your leave you are welcome to email your teachers if you have any questions
  • Part of the Independent Study Program is turning in the homework on the day you return to school.
  • Make sure all items are printed and ready to be turned in.
  • On your first day of returning to school please turn in all assigned work to Mr. Rheaume in room 18 before the end of the day.

Information Specific to Physical Education Requirements:

An absence earns 0 points for the day whether due to illness, vacation, independent study, etc.  

Points may be made up by completing any of the following:

  1. Complete the mile run on Wednesday during zero period (**Must give verification slip to zero period Teacher to sign then return to your PE teacher ASAP.)
  2. Join the running club any Tuesday after school (**Must give verification slip to running club teacher to sign then return to your PE teacher ASAP.)
  3. Complete an outside mile run using your fit bit, running app., treadmill, have someone time you, etc. (** Must be able to show completed run time on fit bit, app., picture, etc. and have verification slip signed by your parent then return to your PE teacher ASAP.)
  4. Participate in an outside organized run (Race on the Base, 5K, etc. – must be pre-approved by PE teacher [** Must have proof of completed run and have verification slip signed by your parent then return to your PE teacher ASAP.])
  5. Read a sports related article then Write/type up a RACER/ACER paragraph (using the colors) summarizing the article. Must attach a copy of article to the typed paragraph.

**Extra credit slips are available in the locker room (teacher’s office)!

An absence in PE due to a school-sponsored activity such as a rehearsal or field trip is excused (NA). It does not count towards or against your grade in PE.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call:

Mrs. Brown/Attendance Clerk
562/799-4740 Ext. 76106