School Clubs

At Oak there is a club for everyone! Whether you are interested in exploring deeper into science concepts such as anatomy, or expressing your creativity with Art, there is bound to be a club that is perfect for you. You can get involved with school activities and meet new friends by joining leadership, WEB, or ASB.  Oak also offers Gaming, Engineering and many more!  Clubs typically meet one to four times a month.  Anyone can join a club and all students are welcome.  All you need to do is find a club that interests you and attend the next meeting!*

Don't see a club that interests you? Consider proposing a new club during club week (usually in September)! If you are passionate about a topic or hobby and would like to learn more starting a new club is a great way to share your interests with other Oak Lions. You will need to pick a club name, ask a teacher to be your club advisor, and decide on a meeting time (usually once a week, every other week, or once a month). 

Check out the clubs here: 

6th Grade Clubs

7th/8th Grade Clubs